Fund Raising

Need To Spend More Than A Penny

Blakeney Village Hall is running several events and is also launching a crowd-funding event to raise funds to replace the current, rather antiquated, toilets with bright shiny new facilities.

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We Need To Spend a Penny…

Blakeney Village Hall was built in 1981 and although the hall is in good shape, its 38-year-old toilets aren’t!

They have been needing refurbishment for many years and won’t last much longer. We don’t have the luxury of putting this job off any more – time is running out…

We’re not flush with funds and the toilets are the initial focus of the current fund-raising activities but once complete we hope to tackle other areas that need improvement.

Initial Fun(d) Raiser

The film night that runs each month was set up to provides funds to help run the hall and help with improvements.

However, the current round of fund raising started with the very successful The Gourmet Grazing with Showtime event raised £2,500 towards these improvements.

The second event held was Mamma Mia on Saturday 7th December 2019.

Since then the Tai Chi group held a Tai Chi Chinese New Year celebration in the Village Hall on 25th January which was Very successful and £50 has been donated from that to our Fundraising campaign. Our thanks go to the Tai Chi group for that.

The Blakeney Antiques Collectors Fair Held on 9th February raised over £500 for our fund-raising campaign. This was despite the best efforts of Storm Ciara to scupper things.

The most recent fund-raising event was the craft and table-top sale held on the weekend 15-16th February. Storm Dennis made an appearance this weekend but that didn’t put off intrepid locals and visitors who raised over £1,000 for the fund-raising campaign.

Thank You

The fund-raising team would like to thank all residents and visitors who attend these events for their contributions. Likewise, we thank the volunteers who give their time and effort to put these events on and make them so successful.

Future Fun(d) Raisers

Crowd-Funding – Date & Details to follow.

It’s early days but a race night is being planned for Saturday May 2nd. Details to follow.