Hire Rates

Guide Prices

The prices shown below are for guidance and were updated in August 2023. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account when booking the village hall as described below. Please see hall hire for further guidance or contact us for specific enquiries.

Hourly small group (6 or less)£12 per hour
Hourly rate 6-40£14 per hour
Hourly rate over 40 non-business£18 per hour
Hourly rate over 40 business£24 per hour
Musical Show evening£12 per hour
Private party Wallace room£12 per hour
Private party Hall£160
Additional Charges
Projector/Screen/Audio use£10
Kitchen for preparation of food (not just tea & coffee)£40
Best Crockery & Cutlery hire
(Note: No charge for every day crockery & cutlery)
£1 per place setting
Corkage for events with no bar£200
or £7 per bottle

Hire Rates are dependent on a number of factors including (in no particular order):

  • whether the event is is a one-off or regular hire
  • a commercial or non-commercial event
  • the date & time of the hire (check availability here)
  • the duration of hire
  • whether the whole hall or only part of the hall is being hired
  • if use of the kitchen is required
  • if the bar is required
  • if post hire cleaning is required
  • whether corkage needs to be charged.